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Membership of British Abrasive Federation is open to U.K. abrasives manufacturers, U.K. subsidiaries of overseas manufacturers, sole agents for overseas companies, converters of coated abrasive products and U.K. distributors of abrasive products where more than 50% of their sales are of abrasive products, subject also to the membership rules of the association at the date of application.

We aim to represent as large a share as possible in sales value terms for abrasive products in the U.K and from our membership we gather together experts in the field of abrasives who contribute to the work of standards organisations such as BSI, CEN and ISO.

Together with promoting training in the safe use of abrasives, we also analyse and share U.K. market data for abrasives with our members.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a BAF member and to find out if your company satisfies all of the criteria for membership, please complete the form below to request a membership information pack.

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